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Warning signs that someone may be in a cult

The following behavior changes do not necessarily imply there is a cult problem, but if someone you know has become deeply involved with a new group or organization and exhibits many of these changes it may indicate a cultish involvement.

  • Thinking in black and white terms

  • Using a new language/cultic jargon

  • Saying goodbye to all old friends and only seeing people affiliated with, or not critical of the cult

  • Creating distance from family, especially during holidays and family events

  • Euphoric, yet simultaneously tired and worn

  • Humorless

  • A change in diet and sleep patterns

  • Low on money

  • Poor grades

  • A dismissal of their life prior to involvement with the group as "all bad"

  • A change in goals, priorities, and life plan

  • Return to child-like behavior

  • Dogmatic adherence to new beliefs/ideas, with the inability, or lack of interest to logically assess these new beliefs

  • Secrecy

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