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Articles & Presentations:

"The Last Draw-- Cults and Creativity" (Dana Wehle, LCSW, MFA)*

"Just Joking": Psychoanalytic Treatment of the Supression of Creativity in Cults (Dana Wehle, LCSW, MFA*

Cults and Children: The Abuse of the Young (Arnold Markowitz, LCSW and David A. Halperin, MD)

Cults and Terrorism: Understanding Indoctrination (Arnold Markowitz, LCSW)

The Extent of Satanism Among Adolescents (Arnold Markowitz, LCSW)

Letting Go and Staying Connected: Coping with being out of contact with a cult-involved child (Dana Wehle, LMSW)

Is Osama Bin Laden or Al Qaeda a Cult (Arnold Markowitz, LCSW)


* We thank the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) for permission to post these articles. If you are interested in viewing the entire Cultic Studies Review issue ‘The Last Draw-Cults and Creativity’ (vol. 9, no. 1) please click on the following link:  www.culticstudiesreview.org


Books & Publications on Cults:

  1. Churches that Abuse, Ronald Enroth, Nodervan, 1992
  2. Combatting Cult Mind Control, Steven Hassan, Park Street Press, Rochester, VT, 1988
  3. Crazy Therapies, Singer and Lalich, Joseey-Bass, 1996
  4. Cults In Our Midst, Margaret Thaler Singer with Janja Lalich, Josey-Bass, CA, 1995
  5. Cults on Campus, Marcia Rudin, American Family Foundation, Bonita Springs, FL, 1991
  6. Cult-Proofing Your Kids, Paul Martin, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI, 1993
  7. Cults, What Parents Should Know, Joan Ross and Michael Langone, Carol Publishing Group, NY, NY, 1988
  8. Family Interventions for Cult-Affected Loved Ones, Carol Giambalvo, American Family Foundation, Bonita Springs, FL, 1992
  9. Influence: The New Psychology of Modern Persuasion, R. B. Cialdini, Quill, New York, 1984
  10. Releasing The Bonds, Steven Hassan, Freedom of Mind Press, Sommerville, MA, 2000
  11. Recovery From Cults, Michael Langone, W.W. Norton, NY, NY, 1993
  12. Snapping, Flo Conway & Jim Siegelman, Second Edition, Stillpoint Press, NY, NY, 1995
  13. Take Back Your Life, Madeleine Tobias and Janja Lalich, Hunter House, Alameda, CA, 1994
  14. Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism, Robert J. Lifton, I. Norton & Co., New York, 1961
  15. Trauma and Recovery, Judith l. Herman, Basic Books, New York, 1992

For additional book titles, contact the American Family Foundation (941) 514-3081, www.cultinfobooks.com


Organizations and Websites:

American Family Foundation
P.O. Box 2265, Bonita Springs, Florida 34133
(239) 514-3081
Email: aff@affcultinfoserve.com
Web: www.csj.org
Cultic Studies Review: www.culticstudiesreview.org
Online Bookstore: www.cultinfobooks.com

Cult Information Services
Box 867, Teaneck, New Jersey 07666
(201) 833-1212
Email: cultinformationservice@yahoo.com
Web: www.cultinformationservice.org

Info-Cult (Canada)
Resource Centre on Cultic Thinking
5655 avenue du Parc, Suite 208
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2V 4H2
(514) 274-2333
Web: www.infocult.org

reFOCUS (Recovering Former Cultists' Support Network)
P.O. Box 2180, Flagler Beach, Florida 32136
(904) 439-7541
Email: torefocus@aol.com
Web: www.refocus.org

Spiritual Deception Prevention Project
Jewish Community Relations Council of New York
70 West 36th Street, Suite 700, New York, NY 10018
(212) 983-4800 Ext. 127
Email: sdpp@jcrcny.org
Web: www.jcrcny.org/html/m_n_cults.html

Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center
P.O. Box 67, Albany, Ohio 45710
(740) 698-6277
Web: www.wellspringretreat.org