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From alerting the public to the seductiveness of cults...to working with families in the midst of a crisis...to assisting former cult members readjust to mainstream life, we can help.

Cult Hotline: (212) 632-4640
  • Providing information and crisis intervention.
Consultation for families and friends
  • Providing information about the practices and beliefs of specific groups.
  • Offering guidance in identifying possible course of action.
  • Referrals and coordination with intervention specialists as appropriate.
  • Referrals to community resources and religious leaders.
Counseling for former cult members
  • Helping relieve symptoms induced by the cult experience, such as depression and guilt.
  • Helping former cult members make a positive readjustment to life after the cult, such as moving on with education and career and establishing respectful relationships with family and friends.
  • Read a personal experience of growing up in a cult...
Counseling for families and friends of cult members
  • Helping develop a plan for continued contact with the cult-involved loved one.
  • Helping deal with distress over the estrangement.
Family Support Group led by a licensed clinician Community Education and Consultation
  • Providing literature, speakers, and workshops for community groups, schools, colleges and yeshivas, and seniors programs.
  • Offering consultation to mental health professionals and educators.
  • Coordinating workshops.
  • Read what our peers are saying about the Cult Clinic and Hotline.